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About Us

Welcome to Agentsearch.in, India's exclusive search directory for real estate agents. We are a platform that enables customers to search for and contact a real estate agent of their choice, based on their personal preferences.

We are a part of Realty Redefined, an upcoming real estate technology firm that focuses on delivering solutions for the real estate sector. We build platforms to automate business functions of real estate companies using real estate CRM, and ERP, real estate management software, real estate websites and mobile applications.

We have been working in the real estate sector for the past 8 years, and are one of the fastest growing companies. Our real estate products, RSquare and RQube are very popular among agents and developers respectively. They are recognised in the market for being user-friendly while being very comprehensive, and have quickly developed a loyal following.

At Realty Redefined, we wanted to leverage our experience to provide solutions to the end customers too. We realised that for them, finding a place to rent or purchase is a long hassle. Most people start with the first real estate broker that they find, and this leads to unsatisfactory transactions for both.

We wanted to streamline this process by creating a unified portal for real estate agents. With Agentsearch.in , we bring all the agents in one place where they could highlight their services and their offering. This also enables the customer to search for and contact a real estate agent of their choice.

This is designed to be a one-stop when looking for a real estate agent, no matter what kind of property you are looking for. This will also allow customers to rate the agents, or leave recommendations from those who have already used the services of the broker.

Agentsearch.in is specifically for the end users through which the real estate agents will benefit too. When the users can easily search for and find the agents, there is a better chance of a fruitful conclusion of the deal. This improves the experience of both the agent as well as the customer.